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Benefits to Contract Processing:

Reduce fixed costs and stay lean for slow cycles

Avoid having to lay off when things slow down.  Laying off is tough on both you and your employees

Avoid the huge cost of recruiting during boom times

Save multiple hours a month not managing operation staff

Focus solely on sales and growth of your business

Avoid conflicts with your loan officer having to do with slow turn times

Know exactly what your cost and profit are on each individual loan

Benefits to using The Mortgage Processors:

  • Built by a widely known Mortgage executive
  • Extensive knowledge with over 40 years origination and operational knowledge
  • We hire only the best processors, assistant processors and Sales Support personnel in the business
  • We understand the vital importance of closing every loan on time
  • Guaranteed turn times
  • Our employees and contractors are paid above the industry norm to help ensure we get the best in the industry.
  • We are experts in the art of load balancing, thus always getting your file in the fastest hands

Loan Officers


Loan Processors


Benefits to working for The Mortgage Processors:

Flexible work hours
Work from anywhere

No cap on your earnings
Earn more income in fewer hours than your current 9-5

We supply the software you need to be efficient
We can supply you with a Junior Processor to help you double your business without working
more hours

No license required, provided you are a W-2 employee of The Mortgage Processors

We will assist you in building your client base of Loan Officers

Quarterly contests
Annual Rallies
Recognition for your work

Why should you become a contract Processor?

● No more office drama
● Earn part time what most processors earn full time
● If you are currently a Junior processor and you can do the job of a processor, but your company
won’t promote you, we will certify you to become a full processor
● If you want to make the jump but licensing has held you back, you come onboard now as a
company employee and process without a license.
● More time with your family
● Ability to take vacations (without losing your pipeline)
● Control of your schedule with no management to answer to.

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