Who We Are

The Mortgage Processors was founded by Dan Rawitch and Jack Snow, two mortgage veterans.

Dan Rawitch

Dan began his career originating FHA and VA loans in 1978, while still in college.  After college Dan was recruited by Bear Stearns, one of the largest Investment Bankers on Wall Street and a leader in Mortgage backed securities.  Dan quickly rose to the level of Vice President of the firm's Asset and Liability group where he helped manage billions of dollars of large institution funds. 

He later went on to become one of the two founders of Data Fax. Data Fax grew to become the 4th largest Mortgage Credit reporting firms in the Nation and was sold to Trans Union in 1989. 

From there Dan founded RPM mortgage and built that company until it was sold to Finet Holdings, a company Rawitch later became CEO of.  While CEO, Rawitch raised over $100 million in capital and was successful in getting the company listed on Nasdaq as a publicly traded company. 

Rawitch has also held jobs at both the SVP and EVP level for large mortgage banking firms. The largest of which was a wholesale lender that originated over $3 billion per month. 

Dan is uniquely qualified to co-manage The Mortgage Processors, as his experience serving thousands of mortgage brokers as both a wholesale lender and the CEO of a major mortgage credit reporting agency.  Not only did Dan serve the Broker, he also built RPM into one of the top 5 Mortgage Brokers in the Nation.

Jack Snow

Jack started his career in restaurant management.  He quickly became one of the youngest General Managers for a nationally recognized comedy club.  Managing multiple locations, the focus was always on the service to provide an outstanding customer experience.  During this time, the clubs benefited from exponential sales growth.

After 10 years in the restaurant industry, Jack was ready for a change.   Jack saw an opportunity in the real estate and mortgage industry. Taking the wheel with both hands just before the Great Recession, Jack has never looked back. 

Jack has been a Loan Officer in both the retail lending and mortgage brokerage sides of the business but has always focused on providing the best customer experience possible. 

Jack is now bringing his passion to provide the best customer experience to The Mortgage Processors. The Mortgage Processors exists to not only provide the best in class experience for the borrowers, but to loan originator as well.


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