Why We Exist

The Mortgage Processors was founded to fill a gaping hole in the rapidly growing Mortgage Brokerage business.  One of our founding partners, founded RPM Mortgage in 1989. At that time the Mortgage Brokerage Business had less than 10% market share. Just five short years later, the brokers market share mushroomed to over 60% and later grew to be as high as 70%.

We see this history repeating itself at this time. However, this time the brokers are smarter and technology is far more advanced.

This changes the game for brokers. In the past, brokers required expensive office space and other high fixed cost expenses. Not to mention employee cost which included receptionists, admins, processors and managers.  This made the industry vulnerable to volume swings and also created additional costs to the borrowers. 

Not this time!

This time brokers can operate from home or any other low-cost locations. Technology allows the originator and the processor to work hundreds of miles apart so there is no longer a need to house them together in expensive office space.

Brokers are smart enough to look for ways to avoid the headaches of hiring, firing, managing payroll and load balancing their files.

The Mortgage Processors fill this need by providing on demand processing.

You pay only for the files you close. You control your own destiny as to turn-times by having a partner that was built solely to serve your processing needs. We handle the operations and you do the selling. There is no way your volume will not rise! It has to once your sole focus is on growing your business.



Is to serve the needs of the originators and their borrowers.

We do not exist without the volume originated by our Loan Officer clients. We never forget this and our job always stays focused on how we can make your job easier and help you look great.

We seek no credit for what we do.

We exist in the background to ensure the credit goes to you, our Loan Officers.  We keep our commitments and our customers can count on us doing what we tell them we will do.

We serve two masters, the Loan Officer and the processors. Without processors, we do not exist. Our pledge is to continually provide the best tools and technology to make our processors job easier and less
stressful. We stand behind our processors and support them in every way possible.

By having a team of happy and productive processors, we ensure having a client list of happy and productive Loan Officers.


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